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There are thousands of good reasons why magic doesn't rule the world. They're called mages.
Ещё немного веселой ролевой песни. Эта - "Проклятье всем бардам!" Всякий раз, как слушаю, мне кажется, что поют Тэм и Йовин - уж очень в их стиле - но это Хезер Александер и Лесли Фиш.


There's Always a Reason (A Curse Upon All Bards)

Album: Oathbreakers
Lyrics: Mercedes Lackey, Leslie Fish
Lead Vocals: Heather Alexander- Kethry, Leslie Fish- Tarma

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There's Always a Reason ( A Curse Upon All Bards)


A curse upon all bards, another on their tongues,
A double curse upon their songs, I swear.
A triple curse upon this fool who chose to sing of us.
If I could catch that Lelac, I would skin him then and there.


Now sister of my heart and partner of my hand,
I think this fury goes a bit too far.


Oh, yeah?


This bard has only done what every bard is bound to do.
We should be glad he's chosen now to flatter us not mar.


I swear to you my friend, that all that stays my hand,
Is custom grants a bard immunity.
But if he sings love songs underneath my window one more time,
Not even that will save him from a beating straight from me.


I rather do believe you are a bit too hard,
A fool cannot help being still a fool.
Take my advice, ignore him, do not give him any heed,
You'll only make him think you care, if you are being cruel.


Now have you taken count of what our coffers hold?
And what state our finances are of late?
This fool has driven all away who'd pay us for our work.
Now only worthy causes seek us, poverty's our fate.


A curse upon all bards, another on their tongues,
A double curse upon their songs, I swear.




And a triple curse on Leslac, that he chose to sing of us.
And if I ever catch him I will fry him toes to hair.


Thought you'd see it my way.

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Падают листья
:vict: о да, жизненно так :lol:


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